Organic cotton is better for farmers.

Farmer with a full bag of harvested organic cotton in India.

Promotes safe work and better livelihoods.

We partner with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) to certify our entire supply chain, which starts at the farm. Below is an overview of the certification standards that protect the rights of our farmers.

Employment is freely chosen
Working conditions are safe and hygienic
Living wages are paid
Working hours are not excessive
No discrimination is practiced
Regular employment is provided
Harsh or inhumane treatment is prohibited
Child labor must not be used
To learn more about the GOTS standard,
To learn more about the GOTS standard, visit

Child holding hands with her father in organic cotton farming village in India.

Fair Trade farms.

Everywhere we can, we add the extra benefit of Fair Trade Certified Cotton. The Fair Trade program is built to empower family farmers and workers around the world, while enriching the lives of those struggling in poverty. Rather than creating dependency on aid, Fair Trade uses a market-based approach that empowers farmers to get a fair price for their harvest, helps workers create safe working conditions, provides a decent living wage and guarantees the right to organize. Through direct, equitable trade, farming families are able to eat better, keep their kids in school, improve health and housing, and invest in the future. A percent of sales (known as the Fair Trade Premium) goes into a communal fund for farmers to use – as they see fit – to improve their social, economic and environmental conditions.

To learn more about the benefits of Fair Trade, visit

Organic farming community in India showing off some of their seed bank for food crops that they grow alongside cotton.

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