Consciously-Crafted Comfort
for Family and Home

Fashioning our
Future Together

To make lasting change, sustainability has to be sustainable.
We believe the little things done by many add up, making tomorrow
better than today. Together we can fashion a future
in which we all can find comfort.

People Matter

The people who make our clothes are as important as
the people who wear them. So we only use Fair-Trade Certified
factories where employees experience better working conditions
and are paid premiums to invest in their communities.

Ingredients Matter

The best ingredients make the best clothes so we use
GOTS-Certified 100% Organic Cotton. Toxic dyes, artificial
fertilizers and other gross stuff don’t belong in your clothes,
against your skin, or in the world’s water supply.

You Matter.

Making change by changing your clothes.
Share your #organicallyme moments.