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3 Ways to Minimize Plastic in Your Wardrobe

Written by Abby Wilson

What comes to mind when you think of plastic? If you’re a child who grew up in the ’90s like me, perhaps it’s the top Aqua hit, which said, in part: “Life in plastic—it’s fantastic!” Ring a bell? No? Okay. Perhaps it conjures images of 1 million plastic water bottles per minute polluting our streams and rivers, of the now-rampant plastic bag bans, or of the now-infamous image of that plastic straw sticking out of our sea turtle friend’s nose.

Any way you frame it, plastic really isn’t cool. And it most definitely is not fantastic—especially when it comes to your wardrobe (sorry, Aqua). Today, more than 60 percent of fabric fibers are synthetics, meaning that they are derived from fossil fuels and won’t decompose when they get to the landfill.

Whenever possible, you should really make it a point to wear organic cotton. If not to benefit your body’s largest organ, your skin, then for the environment, the farmers who grow it, and the communities that benefit from it. Here are three easy ways to minimize plastic in your wardrobe.

  1. Wear organic cotton undies.
    Your underwear is with you day in and day out. In good times and in bad. For most people, anyway. When you wear undies made out of plastic (read: nylon, polyester, and spandex), you’re trapping in heat and moisture, which, disgustingly, breeds infection. Women, I’m talking to you. Cotton is your best bet for vagina-friendly underwear, as it is breathable and wicks away moisture—but not just any cotton. Let me remind you that conventional cotton is the world’s dirtiest crop. Only organic cotton comes without the heavy metals, formaldehyde, chlorine bleach, and carcinogenic compounds that conventional cotton is treated with. Be sure to check out Pact’s sweet selection of organic cotton undies for women, men, and kids.
  2. Wear organic cotton socks.
    Who wants their feet wrapped in plastic all day? Not me. When I think about wearing socks made with plastic textiles, such as polyester or rayon, all I can think about is how my mom used to wrap my feet in plastic grocery bags sealed with a rubber band to keep the moisture out when it snowed. Sure, it kept my feet dry, but was it super ideal or practical? No. The same goes for socks. Choose organic cotton socks to let your feet breathe. They’re best for moisture-wicking comfort—plus, they won’t get so stinky that way. Pact has everyday organic cotton socks for men, women, and even super-cute holiday socks for kids.
  3. Wear organic cotton for light workouts.
    I wear yoga pants a lot. It’s actually slightly embarrassing. I wear yoga pants when I’m at home with my kids for the day so I don’t rip out the seat of my tight jeans, and I wear them when I’m taking the dog for a brisk walk. I’ll admit that I don’t need to wear high-end performance gear for these activities since I’m not getting super sweaty, so organic cotton leggings that sculpt are a perfect alternative.

Plastics are everywhere, but they’re also super easy to avoid—especially in your closet. And especially when you can order affordable organic cotton clothing options from Pact.

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