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Pact Donates $25K to Whole Planet Foundation

Written by Abby Wilson

What does it say about a company that donates thousands of dollars to charity? Especially a small, privately owned startup company? To me, it says that they care deeply about others—and, in Pact’s case, that they walk the talk.

Here’s what I mean: Pact prides itself on being an organic cotton apparel company that also adheres to Fair Trade certification standards. The Fair Trade factor in itself means that they hold humans to a high regard.

So when Pact recently donated $25,000 to the Whole Planet Foundation’s Poverty is Unnecessary Project—an initiative aimed at fueling global economic growth via microloans—they were, again, putting their faith in people. Faith that people everywhere have the power to create change. To build businesses and end poverty in their communities. Perhaps they even see a bit of themselves in these driven, yet poverty-stricken entrepreneurs. After all, Pact was also founded by an entrepreneur.

According to Colleen Bale-Wright, Director of Sales for Pact: “We are proud supporters of the Whole Planet Foundation, which provides microloans to entrepreneurs. It has become even more important to continue to support after visiting microloan recipients of Grameen America, Whole Planet Foundation’s microfinance partner in Oakland, CA.”

The Poverty is Unnecessary Project began in 2005 when Whole Foods Market initially identified microcredit as a way it could support global communities. A company-wide Global 5% Giving Day at Whole Foods Market stores generated $525,000, which launched Whole Planet Foundation’s mission to fund microlending programs around the globe. This year, together with other generous brands, Pact helped donate $275,000 to alleviate poverty.

Bravo, Pact. Thank you for this donation and for perpetuating Muhammad Yunus’s words: “Poverty is unnecessary.” Truer words have never been spoken. Keep rising, and keep lifting others along the way.

Images courtesy of Whole Planet Foundation.

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