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Pact Tiny Patios Series | Los Angeles

Last week we started our Pact Tiny Patio series in Hawaii, and today we have virtually ventured to sunny Los Angeles. We caught up with @whitneyleighmorris, who lives with her family in this beautiful tiny cottage along the Venice Canals. Their space is less than 400 square feet (yes, you read that right!), but they have still found a way to make it quite magical, and extremely practical for their everyday needs. Whether you’re in a location that is starting to open in a limited capacity or not, we all still have to make the best of our spaces at home. Even the most forgotten nooks and crannies that were once overlooked are now opportunities for something new.

We asked Whitney to share a small home makeover to showcase how they transformed an ordinary stoop and surrounding patio space into an inviting outdoor living space. Whether you have a balcony, a small windowsill, or maybe even a larger backyard, Whitney is the queen of making a small space come to life, and we’re sure you’ll gather inspiration for the weekend ahead.

As we continue this series, we not only want to show how people are utilizing their spaces but also how people are making this time meaningful. So when we asked Whitney about the area, she shared that this stoop that you get to see transformed into a play space, outdoor movie theater, and living area is the very same spot where she and her husband exchanged vows. Cue the awes and tears. What we also enjoyed about working with Whitney is that she truly thinks about each purchase with purpose and how it will be used for years to come. With limited space, storage and utilization are key, but we love how Whitney also prioritizes how each item impacts the environment and their life long-term.

We were thrilled to be welcomed into this enchanting home--watch the Pact Tiny Patio Series IGTV video with Whitney here!  

Check back next week as we head to Denver! Also, don’t forget to share your moments with us by tagging #wearpact and #pactpatios.

Want to shop the looks from the patio series? Click here to see the collection.

The Pact Tiny Patio Series: What’s It All About?

We’ll be taking you all on a virtual road trip across the country to see how different individuals are making the most of their patio and outside spaces. With warm weather upon us and more beautiful days ahead, we are now challenged on how to make our time at home and with space we have as enjoyable and memorable as possible. Cue in your patio, balcony, stoop, whatever it is you have. Not only are we going to show “How To” moments to inspire you and your families on how to mix it up, but we’re also asking you to share all your patio moments with us! Creativity and inspiration are happening; let’s connect by showing how we're making the most of these current times.

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