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5 Reasons Why Pact Makes the Best Kids’ Clothes

Written by Abby Wilson

Children are a blessing. I mean that, I do. But, what’s not super cool is trying to constantly outfit their sweet growing bods in clothing that’s soft, durable, practical, nontoxic, and affordable. Sigh. That made me tired just listing all those words. As if we as parents don’t have enough to worry about? Luckily for you and me though, Pact has it all figured out. They’re the hidden gem, the sustainably produced wonder in a treasure trove of kids’ clothing.

Here are the top five reasons why Pact makes the best kids’ clothing.

  1. The organic cotton Pact uses is extremely soft and durable.
    We’re talking about hand-me-down quality here, folks. Organic cotton on its own is a super-strong and resilient material. According to Courtney Lewis, VP of Product at Pact, “To process our organic cotton, strong chemicals that weaken the fibers are not used, which makes it last longer.” There you have it. It’s pieces such as this heirloom-quality kids’ hoodie (complete with wash-resistant name label) that keep me coming back for more.
  2. Pact offers kids’ clothes with reinforced knees.
    They’re called playground proof for a reason. Believe it or not, Pact makes these incredible leggings that actually have reinforced fabric at the knees—great for those inevitable stumbles, rips, and tears. Sayonara patches of the 1970s! These little beauties have them already built in. Brilliant.

  1. The organic cotton Pact uses is nontoxic and better for kids’ skin.
    It’s no secret that clothing made with conventional cotton and other synthetic materials stinks—literally. I always think it’s so disgusting when I must feverishly wash my kids’ clothing in a desperate attempt to rid it of chemical stench. That’s because conventional cotton is the world’s dirtiest crop and is sprayed heavily with toxicity like formaldehyde and Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide. Pact only uses the purest organic cotton around for their kids’ clothes, which is worlds better for their perfect skin.

  1. Pact offers tagless kids’ clothes, which reduce rubbing and irritation.
    How many times have you heard, “this tag is itching me, Mommy?” For me, it’s frequent if not daily. Not only is it annoying for both my child and me, but I tend to hastily rip the tags off, which leave little holes in my kids’ clothes. Mom fail. Pact has geniously engineered classic organic cotton kids’ clothing staples though, such as leggings and T-shirts, that don’t include those irritating tags.
  2. The color palettes Pact selects for its kids’ clothes are bright and fun.
    Let’s just let our kids be kids, alright? There’s a time and a place for black and grey pieces (which Pact also offers), but I’m all for letting my kids express themselves in the happiest of happy-go-lucky colors. I’m talking the bright greens and purples and crazy patterns of the world. Why not? Because when they’re happy, I’m happy.

So tell your other parent friends. Shout it from the top of a mountain. Friends don’t let friends dress their kids in toxic, scratchy, uninteresting clothing.

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