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The Fashion Revolution Is Here!

April 24th marks Fashion Revolution Day, a day labeled to bring awareness to who makes our clothes and being more mindful of the products we choose and the people beyond those pieces. To celebrate, we are launching an exclusive collection with Zero Waste Daniel. Daniel is an innovator and upcycle revolutionary trying to change the way we look at recycled materials. This collection is a merge of sustainable and upcycled fashion, which seems more important than ever right now. Why? It brings to the forefront an opportunity to think about our choices and reflect on what we want to care about moving forward. All previous decisions are in the past; what we can control is the choices we make today and onward.

"Being able to partner with another pioneer in the fashion revolution is why we were so excited about the collaboration with Zero Waste Daniel," said Brendan Synnott, Pact CEO.

The collection consists of hoodies and a pair of sweat shorts that have been adorned with handmade patches from scrap fabrics. All 100% organic cotton and each patch was hand-crafted and sewn on. It's a reminder that sustainable fashion can be cute, versatile, and accessible.

The patches are fun, unique, and give a little extra flair to our hoodies and essential short. We can't wait to see them out in the wild. There are a very limited number of each style, so those who are able to purchase make sure to tag us @wearpact to share! You'll be comfortable and rocking a mission that is larger than the items you're wearing. Daniel's site says it best; together, we are strong and beautiful. #whomademyclothes

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