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Get to Know the 6 Organic Fabric Platforms Used to Make Pact Products

Written by Abby Wilson

Let me begin by saying that all Pact products are based in organic cotton. Pact has made a commitment to using Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)–certified cotton. Their products are manufactured in Fair Trade–CertifiedTM factories. They’re all in. Conscious comfort is and always has been their M.O.

But when I began digging, I noticed that some products also contained small amounts of elastane, recycled poly, or linen, in addition to organic cotton. What? How dare you put a stretchy-yet-sustainable substance in my underwear? I wasn’t actually mad, just curious. So, I got in touch with Courtney Lewis, VP of Product at Pact, and she gave me all the details.

Turns out, rather than blindly producing heaps of all-organic-cotton-everything, Pact intentionally created six organic cotton fabric platforms, or collections—that is, six distinct blends and weights that each serve different purposes. Here’s what I found out.

  1. Evergreen
    Pact’s breathable, subtly stretchy Evergreen collection is made with 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane. But, what’s elastane? According to Courtney, “Elastane is a version of spandex. Cotton will stretch and recover when you wash it, but we select certain products that need recovery and retention so they stay put all day.” With their next-to-skin softness, Pact’s Classic Fit Bikini undies perfectly embody this collection.

  1. CloudSpun
    As its name suggests, the CloudSpun collection is made with a lightweight material meant for all-season wear. Pact’s T-shirt line is all made with this 100% organic, GOTS-certified certified cotton—such as this Featherweight V-Neck Tee. These are all your must-have closet staples. Your undershirts. Your everyday shirts. Your throw-and-go basics that are all as pure, simple, and honest as the soft, white clouds.
  2. Heirloom
    The Pact Heirloom collection truly is a yummy one. Made with 100% organic cotton, they’re the pieces you just want to curl up and snuggle with. If you haven’t tried them, I’m talking about things like the Essential Poncho and the Wide-Leg Sweatpant. According to Courtney, “We wanted to build a collection of loungewear that resembles your most-loved, lived-in pieces. The garment-dye technique gives each piece a unique, vintage feel.”
  3. Evergreen Rec
    For those of you who love a good legging, look no further than the Pact Evergreen Rec collection. It’s similar to the Evergreen Collection but with more of a sculpting stretch. The Go-To Leggings, for example, are made with 11% elastane and 89% organic cotton—which is great because it means that the fabric will move with you throughout the day and will retain its shape without bagging out on you.
  4. Pure
    Pact’s Pure collection is created with the world’s softest skin in mind. That’s right—babies. Take, for example, this buttery soft Footie Sleeper. Like all products in the Pure collection, it’s made with 100% organic cotton that’s not only super soft, but durable enough to last through those inevitable multiple washings.
  5. Pure Brushed
    It’s products like the Hand-Me-Down Hoodie that the Pact Pure Brushed collection is made of. According to Courtney, “We wanted to build a collection of kids sweats that would become their most-loved because of their superior softness.” Plus, they’re made with 100% organic cotton to make sure that kids are constantly surrounded by the purest materials.

So there you have it. Check out all the different collections—Pact proudly displays the collection name under the product details on every page. Grab an item from each collection and see for yourself how each ethically made piece is masterfully crafted to suit its intended purpose.

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