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Pact Tiny Patios Series | Denver

Last week in our Pact Tiny Patio series we made our way to Los Angeles to learn how to make the most of small outdoor spaces. Next, we welcome you to our home turf of Colorful Colorado! Pact is a Boulder-based company, so today we’re heading 25 miles Southeast to join our Marketing Director, Amanda, in her Denver home. She has a cute place in the heart of the city and an even better patio that she calls her oasis. After we switched to working from home, Amanda took the opportunity to give her patio a little glow-up by turning it into an outdoor movie theater. Her successful patio transformation was a big part of the inspiration behind this series.

So, as we did with our other guest features, we asked Amanda how she makes the most of her patio and what inspired her movie night?

Here's what she had to say…

I feel like most other Coloradans in the sense that I love nature and being outside. As I don't have the same outdoor access right now, I wanted to create a way to enjoy the space outside my backdoor.

All I needed was a couch, a few plants, some twinkle lights, and a projector, and bam! It all came together. What's great about the space is that I can work out there during the day and then I transform it into this magical hideaway at night.

As a born and raised Chicagoan, I had to pick one of my favorite hometown classics for the inaugural patio viewing. Ferris Bueller's Day Off was a no brainer. Plus, it puts a smile on my face in a time where we could all use more of those little moments. To me, it was just perfect!

This is such an easy backyard for patio update; even if you don't have any outdoor space, I've had friends do a similar setup in their homes to help mix up the usual.

When we can eventually have people over, it will be a great addition to backyard hangs and late-night BBQ's.

We are thrilled to introduce you to one of our own and take you into her home--watch the Pact Tiny Patio Series IGTV video with Amanda here!

Check back next week as we head to New York City! Also, don't forget to share your moments with us by tagging #wearpact and #pactpatios.

Want to shop the looks from the patio series? Click here to see the collection.

The Pact Tiny Patio Series: What's It All About?

We'll be taking you all on a virtual road trip across the country to see how different individuals are making the most of their patio and outside spaces. With warm weather upon us and more beautiful days ahead, we are now challenged on how to make our time at home and with space we have as enjoyable and memorable as possible. Cue in your patio, balcony, stoop, whatever it is you have. Not only are we going to show "How To" moments to inspire you and your families on how to mix it up, but we're also asking you to share all your patio moments with us! Creativity and inspiration are happening; let's connect by showing how we're making the most of these current times.

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